NewDawn Launch - Race Plans

Furion a posted Dec 6, 16

Racial wars bonuses

The idea here is to motivate global cooperation through individualistic greed.
As older games have proven, this kind of 3 way warfare works and is self regulatory if winning gives reasons for players to go out and use what they earned in other parts of the game.

As always, keep in mind that all numbers are bound to change and are given as an illustration of the intent. A lot of the details are still up in the air.

Borderlands Racial War Fronts have for capturable objectives:

  • 10 Supply camps: +1 drop on nodes for this racial land.
  • 6 Guard Towers: +0.05 skillup modifier in this racial land.
  • 3 keeps: +1% drop rate in this racial land.

The Center War Front has:

  • 20 Supply Camps: +1 drop on nodes in racial alliance lands.
  • 10 Guard Towers: +0.05 skillup modifier in racial alliance lands.
  • 7 Keeps: +1% drop rate in racial alliance lands.

Which would result in a rounded up average(max) bonus in racial alliance territories:

  • +17 (40) items in harvesting nodes
  • +0.5(1.1) skillup modifier
  • +6%(10%) drop rate

Racial war bonuses are only for players that are considered “patriotic” and are on land owned by their racial alliance. A mahirim would get Ork land bonuses when in Ork land. So they can fight in those borderlands as well.

Of course, players lose these buffs if they go red or are part of an ARAC clan/alliance.

As of now the plans will be that for launch Immortals will be a Wolf and Ork racial clan. This may change as there is still alot to add to the game, even though it is only 4 or so months away till launch. If it proves that it really wont affect us being ARAC then we may go for that instead.